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We are building a Reconciliation Center. We invite you to join us in building this vision for holistic reconciliation grounded in spirit, steeped in liberation and honoring our understandings of human connection with the natural world. Take action with us to create paths to peace, restoration, social, economic and environmental justice. 

Our Invitation:

The organization has secured almost 300 acres of land in Ava, New York to build a community we are calling Restore Forward. Restore Forward is a center for reconciliation and a place where the world will recover from current states of grief and institutionalized violence. Restore Forward is a place for farming, learning, healing, mutuality, peace and restoration. 

A Holistic Living Lab offering intentional community and land stewardship, farming, healing and educational workshops, events, and retreats


Our cooperative retreat center will enable practitioners from all walks of life to contribute and offer teachings that move the dial towards greater healing and reconciliation. These trainings will explore ancestral and traditional methods to reclaim, rebalance and restore connection with self, other beings, ancestors, and the broader environment.


The holistic healing program will offer a safe and inspiring environment, centered on offering diverse healing modalities.  The program will offer expressive art therapy, yoga, meditation, breathwork, and animal assisted therapies amongst many others.


The land will center holistic farming and provide space for practicing integrative medicine, ensuring health for the soil, food for the people and creating land stewardship for future generations.


Our village of healers, midwives, peace practitioners, activists and community builders will live on the land and model community living.


We acknowledge that the property that will house Restore Forward is located on unceded lands that are the traditional territories of the Haudenosaunee and we honor the sacrifices and invaluable contributions made by the Indigenous culture bearers who came before us 
— especially the Haudenosaunee women. We are working together with the indigenous women to envision the future together.

As COVID-19 continues to affect our communities, Restore Forward will be operational as a virtual space for the immediate future.