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"Restoration and healing must include reconnecting people and places with the earthen lessons of tradition, ancestral evolution and nature"



To foster human connection and forge paths to peace, holistic reconciliation, social, economic and environmental justice. 

To co-create a vibrant and safe community where women and all people can live lives of sovereignty and dignity.



We are in the unique position to harness the attention now being given to Black-led organizations to address structural and historical racism. We also have the opportunity to make explicit that gender justice must be at the foreground for change. The current moment has allowed us to expand our vision to create an entity that would contain the tremendous world-change and transformation we want to bring about. 

Black Women's Blueprint has purchased nearly 300 acres of land previously owned by the US Air Force in Ava, New York, in the township of Boonville in Oneida County.Together with partners we are co-creating a Holistic Living Lab for farming, living, learning and healing where BIPOC communities can design and inform strategies for bodily safety, economic security, education and health access, thereby eliminating the mechanisms that perpetuate inequity in those areas.

Our total of ten partners are intercultural and multi-disciplinary and bring together philanthropists like Focus for Health and solidarity economists like Cooperative Economics Alliance. Planning Better Places and Works in Progress represent the best in land planning and new infrastructure development, while the National Black Food and Justice Alliance creates land trusts, land transfers that kick-start generational wealth. The team’s health partners, Alliance for Natural Health, represent decades of practice and policy advocacy in natural health services, while educators like Seneca Village Montessori are committed to early childhood and adult education programs that teach land-literacy.

American Indian
Community House
The Cooperative Economic Alliance of New York City
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