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The Spiritual Leap that Transforms Everything

In environments where violence and harm thrive, big love, big joy, and big spirit can feel and be viewed as self-indulgent. In fact, they are components of Spiritual Bigness and the path to recognizing our own and one another’s worthiness-and to embodying our responsibility for the well-being of all

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The Spiritual Leap that Transforms Everything

Time & Location

Nov 10, 2021, 5:00 PM EST


About the event

This is not a talk about religion, it’s an experience of practicing the gift/art/power of Being, faciliated by ML Daniel and Ed Heisler.

Navigating a black and white world disconnects our heads from our hearts, displaces our spirit and leaves us feeling constrained, fragmented, and depleted.  For holistic transformation one must practice spiritual bigness.  Spiritual bigness is a willingness to engage the space in-between black and white as paths to reconnecting to the fullness of our Being.   This involves practices of spiritual (re)connection--individually and in community—which interrupt habits that keep us stuck in patterns that are not lifegiving and hinder progress towards our purpose.  In this Restore Forward circle experience, we will practice naming and reclaiming spirit, identifying and disrupting habits, and exploring what we must do to step fully into our responsibility for the leaps that would transform ourselves and our communities.    This is training to move at the pace of spirit—and leap.

Seven Sessions 

Session 1:  Beginning

Session 2-3:  Black, White, and everything in-between.  Interrupting the habits of binary living.

Session 4-5:   Reclaiming spirit and deepening connection with ourselves.

Session 6-7:   Making Leaps (clarifying vision, clearing the decks, make a plan, leap)

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