Give a Healing Tree

What significance can one single tree have in understanding the history of a landscape and the people who live there? The holds the belly of our drum, the vocal cords of our historical memory, and the container for our souls. What happens when its meaning is forgotten?It is important for us to do these legacy trees and memory trees as a part of our ancestral tradition. 

In Benin, on our ancestral grounds, there is a story, a folklore that is steeped in spirituality and ecological systems, that required our ancestors to be in communion with the trees before entering the Door of No Return and stepping foot on the slave ships. This ritual, ceremony and practice, involved circling a tree for a certain number of times until the tree recognized the Spirit that inhabited the individual who was captured and about to be taken from their lands into the belly of the boat. The encircling of the tree, was a ritual to bind one’s relationship with their earth and their native land, so that their soul could receive an invitation to return. In the Black feminist ecologies and spirituality, trees are the holders of our spirit. The trees are seen as the holders of our soul and the beacon of our soul.

As we are located on the Freedom Trail in Upstate New York, and happen to preparing our launch for the Abolitionist Freedom Trail, we remember the souls that traversed great bodies of water to be met from the roots of one tree to another. As we plant legacy and memory trees with you, it is a reminder to our ancestors that these are grounds are safe to return to, and that these trees, hold the spirits of our ancestors. 

Plant healing trees in our memory forest on 300 acres of land in upstate New York to honor: legacy, memory and custodians of the future. 

Multiple trees can be planted in someone's honor, from a single tree seedling to a large grove. Your trees will be planted on protected public lands to restore forests that have been damaged by wildfires, invasive insects, natural disasters and disease.



A tree planting gift includes:

  • A tree seedling or grove of seedlings, planted for you in a natural setting in a US National Forest

  • A sustainably sourced, Restore Forward Certified greeting card to commemorate the tree planting

  • Stamping and mailing of the card directly to the recipient of your gift, with a First Class stamp and your return address on the envelope for a more personal touch

  • The ability to personalize your card and add a personal message to the recipient

  • Tree planting location and restoration project printed on the inside of the keepsake card