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Artichoke Spread

The Farm

We are clearing and preparing land for holistic farming and for practicing integrative medicine, ensuring health for the soil, food for the people and creating land stewardship for future generations.

Restoring our connection to the land must be a commitment in all planning for a 21st Century program.  Our land stewardship curriculum draws the connection between land sovereignty and body sovereignty and will be guided by the principles of rematriation and ecofeminism - an understanding of the connection between the exploitation and degradation of the natural world and the subordination and oppression of women. Our approach is steeped in honoring plants and food as medicine and how we harmonize our bodies with the land. Our foundations intersect natural and holistic medicine to create integrative medicine. To that end, the farm will shift the paradigm around healthcare by offering a place for interdisciplinary health practitioners to radically innovate preventive medicine. Our practices will honor our Mother, Earth, and facilitate our reconnection to the plants, water, air, and all the elements. We will utilize the precautionary principles of public health in Our Bodies, Ourselves and the elimination of toxicity, examining and restoring the total ecology of our health. 

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